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Mt. Eden Books & Bindery
Specializing in out-of-print earth sciences books
Grass Valley California, USA  (530) 274-2665

About Us

Mt. Eden Books and Bindery is owned and operated by Jerry Pressler in Grass Valley, California. Jerry has a Masters Degree in Geography with a Minor in Geology from California State University, Hayward. He has been a collector, and seller of earth science books for over twenty years.

He also rebinds and repairs books. All work is done by hand using acid free materials.


Mt. Eden Books and Bindery can restore and repair your valuable books. The bindery work is all performed by hand and the custom work is especially for you. Please contact us for a quote at: books@mtedenbooks.com.


Mt. Eden Books will appraise your geologic library for tax purposes. The fee for this service is by the hour. Please contact us for a quote at books@mtedenbooks.com.

Of course, the IRS will not allow an appraiser to purchase the books after an appraisal, so if you want Mt. Eden Books to buy any of your books, the two transactions must be dealt with separately.

We Buy Books

Mt. Eden Books will buy your books.

If you wish to sell your books (one book or entire library), Mt. Eden will make an offer for them.  Please contact us at books@mtedenbooks.com for details and a quote.